How does one truly commit

Jacob Kern Faith, Obey

It is not easy be fully committed to things, when it goes against your own nature. In Galatians 5:17   it talks about how the flesh desires contrary of what the Spirit wants and is. Also in Romans 7:15 it talks about how I cannot do the things I want to do and I do the things I hate to do. So, I ask the question, how hard is it to truly commit?

I am a middle-aged man and I know by the grace of God that I have been forgiven for my sins. I know that no matter what decisions I make that I have been forgiven. However, there are consequences to every decision whether good or bad, consequences non-the-less.  I know that I am suppose to be obedient to all authorities, especially the the authority of the Lord. The Bible talks about this all throughout the Old and New Testament, the Bible is also full of sinners just like me.

Moses, was a murderer and yet, God used him as a prophet to the Hebrews and led them out of Egypt. God also used Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (who was a deceiver) to be set apart for His works. God chose a shepherd boy to become the second king of Israel known as David who was also in the lineage of Jesus Christ the Messiah. David was a man who committed adultery, then tried to cover his sin by having the husband of the women he had an affair with killed on the front lines.  We then see Paul who wrote thirteen Epistles in the New Testament before his conversion killed and persecuted Christians. Yet, they were all chosen by God for a purpose.

I too have been chosen by God. No, I am not a prophet or a king. As I said, I am a middle-aged man who works for a living to provide for his family as best as I can. I love my wife and children. I am a teacher in a church and I am involved, but there seems to be something missing. Something that has been pulling at my heart and I have been ignoring. I need to be on-hundred percent committed. I need to turn my whole self over to the Lord and have him take control of my life no matter the cost.

I feel that material things have become my idol. I do not make a lot of money, but that isn’t the point. It isn’t necessarily stuff, it can be, no I mean the things I struggle with are more putting focus on things that do not last. Things like: working out, business, friends, movies, TV, technology…the list could go on and on. Basically anything that is a distraction from moving the kingdom forward.

I want more of Him, who desires to have a real tangible relationship with me. I want to commit all and give Him my all. When I go to work, when I am at the gym, wherever I am, I want to be a light in the midst of darkness. So, how do I do that?

Although, there isn’t a simple or even a single answer. I do know that is starts with repentance. I do know that when I start with repentance that it will prepare my heart and allow Him to start working on it. Once that happens, then my desires of this world will start to no longer matter. I would start being in constant prayer and commune with Him. My faith would start to grow more and more.

Here is my plan (although my plans do not matter), but if I am to commit to Him, I have to start somewhere.

1. Repent

2. Pray in all things

3. Read, meditate, and study on His Word

4. Do and obey what I read, meditate, and study

5. Teach, preach, and share with everyone – both in words and in actions

Repentance is the key to start this process. This process will take a lifetime because we will never stop growing in our faith, but we can grow, and we will grow.

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